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Liv Hettinga Photography
Saskatchewan, Alberta, + Beyond
Destination wedding & elopement photographer for the wild romantics


There is no doubt that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and it would be my privilege to capture it perfectly for you! I strive to capture all of the inevitable chaos. The genuine moments where posing for the picture becomes unnecessary. All of the perfectly imperfect moments (of course you will also get all the detail shots and family shots), these are the moments you will want to remember...


Whether you've been dating for 5 months or been married for 30 years, your love for each other is special, it's unique, it's unlike anyone else's. It's a love you will want to remember forever, a love you will want to pass on to your children, it's a love that's worth documenting....


Family photos are important, whether you are getting them done to put on a Christmas card, or just cause, you want to remember your family in the season you are in. You want to remember your kids in every stage, you want to remember what makes them smile, what it is you do that makes them laugh, that one stuffy they can't live without...


I love grad season! I want to capture this special time for you! I want to capture your personality, and I also want to make you feel like a model, because you are so beautiful, and your beauty needs to be captured and shared...


Getting your pictures taken can be lots of fun! I love to go exploring and take pictures of beautiful ladies. I love to capture photos that when you look at them you are in awe over how good you look! Trust me, after your portrait session you will leave feeling like a model, waiting for your big break to happen!


During my travels I have taken many pictures of the unique landscapes of every country, and of the beautiful faces of the people I met. Take a look at some of the amazing places I have been to...