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Liv Hettinga Photography
Saskatchewan, Alberta, + Beyond
Destination wedding & elopement photographer for the wild romantics

Hey there! My name is Liv!

But it's actually pronounced "leave."

I LOVE to travel!! Being able to experience another culture, and see the amazing unique landscapes of every country is what my heart longs for. I am driven by adventure. I love to try new things and push past my fears. I obsess over van life. My dream is to buy a van, convert it to a mini home, and travel around in it, going on adventures and taking pictures.


I love to connect with my creator in His creation. I can't help but stand in awe of my Heavenly Father while hiking through the mountains, watching the ocean waves crash against the shore, or watching the colours of the sunset over the prairies. 


A few things that make me happy are smoothie bowls, dancing freely & horribly, belting out music on car rides, thunderstorms, & huskies. A few things I don't like are wearing shoes, drinking coffee, & peanut butter.


My Vision

Life is full of beautifully subtle moments and if you capture these moments it can tell an entire story. This is my goal; to capture as many of these beautiful moments of you and the one you choose to experience life with. As a photographer I am a story teller, and I want to tell your story through photographs. I want to find what's unique about the passionate love you share. I want to tell your story with all it's perfect imperfections. I believe in the authenticity of real moments. I promise not to pose you in those awkward, uncomfortable "prom-like" poses. Instead I want to capture all of your laughs, quirks, and tears. I want to do more than just take pictures of you, I want to give you an experience that you will cherish forever. I want to give you photos that take you back in time to the moment they were taken. I don't want to just be a vendor at your wedding, and I don't want you to just be a client to me. I want to become friends; go out for coffee and talk about everything that makes your love unique. Let's talk about how you met, how you fell in love and what you love to do.

So for those who are down to wake up early to catch that morning sunrise light, who want to hike up a mountain to get the perfect view, for those who love to dance in the rain, jump into a pool of water unexpectedly, climb onto rooftops, & get your feet a little dirty, let's adventure together and document all the moments that mean the most to you. If eloping on a mountain top is your kind of thing then count me in! I love traveling, so wherever your adventure takes you, it would be my privilege to join!

Feel like we'd be a great match?